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Do you have a piece of jewellery you bought from us which you treasure very much and wish that you could get a matching pair of earrings, necklace or ring to complete the set? Or did you find that the colour or style you were looking for in the shop had already been sold? Instead of just hoping that those pieces will be restocked in the future, from this year you will be able to get the piece of jewellery in the exact colour and style combination you desire. This may even extend to designs which are no longer available in the boutique. How does it work? Every time we place an order for the boutique with a designer, we will provide a time frame to you and show you the jewellery range whenever possible. You can then let us know what colour, material or style you'd like to order * within the time frame, and we will simply add your order onto ours. In that way, there will be no extra shipping cost for getting the jewellery from the designer, you will have a better idea of when exactly your jewellery will be ready, and of course you will get the unique piece of jewellery which is truly only made for you! *Jewellery prices may be subject to the choice of materials and design. A deposit may be required. A U.K. delivery fee may still apply for orders below £75.

*Jewellery price may subject to the choices of the materials. Deposit may be required. U.K. delivery fee may still apply for orders below £75. 

Latest Trends for Wedding Hair Accessories - Contemporary Classics and Botanical Beauty

Contemporary Classic2017 seems to be a vintage year in the world of bridal hair accessories. Last year we saw a strong classic look across the spectrum of hair jewellery and, to some extent, this fashion continues in 2017. However, a great number of pieces in the latest collections are more contemporary and soft in style. [...]

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Aurum Iceland

Cygnus by Aurum - Jewellery Inspired by icelandic nature by Hugrún Hannesdóttir December 11, 2016 in Design, Icelandic, Jewelry from http://www.nordicstylemag.com/ 0 This past Thursday was the celebration of Aurum’s 17th anniversary as well as the local unveiling of their new collection Cygnus.Aurum was founded in Iceland in 1999 by designer and goldsmith Guðbjörg Kristín Ingvarsdóttir [...]

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5 tips for choosing the right wedding accessories from Lily Luna

Do you know that some other brides may have also said ‘Yes’ to the same beautiful dress that you have picked for your wedding, so how to individualise your look to make the dress‘uniquely yours’?Check out the advice and tips from the senior stylists at Lily Luna boutique and find out how to use [...]

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|Danielle Vroemen | DV Jewellery | Meet The Designer - September 2015|

This month of 'Meet The Designer' , we've got an exclusive chat with Danielle Vroemen, the Dutch designer behind 'DV Jewellery'. Find out the insight of her design and where her inspiration is from. 1. When and how did you get into jewellery design?" I got into Jewellery design when I started studying at the [...]

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A Guide to the Fit and Maintenance of Silver Cuff Bracelets

How a Cuff Should FitIt seems a little odd that we have actually had to learn how to put a cuff bracelet on, but it's true! Over the years, we've watched hundreds of people struggle when trying on a cuff, reddening their wrists, and even trying to pull them over their outstretched hands! [...]

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Five most commonly asked questions about wedding accessories

I was recently asked by Scottish Wedding Directory Magazine to write an article about choosing wedding accessories and answering some of the most common questions brides usually ask. These are some seriously good questions and need to be answered in details. If you 're also looking for wedding accessory at the moment, read this article and [...]

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