Shi Kou Er Jiong


The name of this young Chinese jewellery brand is 十口二冂, or ‘shi kou er jiong’. It is not easy to pronounce, perhaps even for Chinese. It is based on the family name of the main founder, Hu Zhen Sheng. He decided to use the individual strokes in his surname (Hu/) after discovering that it had already been registered as a trademark.

Hu Zhen Sheng studied jewellery design at university and, after graduating, worked for some of the best jewellery design studios in the country. He then founded shi kou er jiong with his wife Jiang to pursue their dream of finding the perfect balance between originality and commerciality. For Hu,  making unique jewellery is not an end in itself; rather, they strive to create pieces that are both aesthetically pleasing and wearable. 


   Reflecting their commitment to the highest standards, shi kou er jiong’ only releases a single collection each year. The range you can see here at Lily Luna has been carefully selected from four different collections.                                                                   -2.jpg
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