Born in 2008, Lindenau is a powerfully contemporary brand seeking the perfect balance between uniqueness and current trend. Founded by siblings Monika and Michael Wysocka, Lindenau is the product of over 30 years of experience in the jewellery sector. Their complementary knowledge of design and jewellery-making respectively makes them the perfect pairing. Eclectic collections feature effortlessly elegant pieces for the modern woman, featuring tactile textures, eye-catching shapes, and colourful natural gemstones. 925 Sterling silver is paired with smoky quartz, blue topaz, amethyst, and orange moonstone to name a few. Gold and rose gold are expertly used to great effect, complementing several of their pieces. Created precisely by hand, their exquisite jewellery is designed according to their philosophy: each piece must have a purpose; be it to dress a woman, be a part of her, or express her style and character. They believe that jewellery is a mirror of a woman’s personality. Through their mission to achieve perfection, Lindenau scour the latest techniques and technologies, resulting in high quality, unique and timelessly beautiful designs.

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