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|Danielle Vroemen | DV Jewellery | Meet The Designer - September 2015|

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This month of 'Meet The Designer' , we've got an exclusive chat with Danielle Vroemen, the Dutch designer behind 'DV Jewellery'. Find out the insight of her design and where her inspiration is from.

1. When and how did you get into jewellery design?

" I got into Jewellery design when I started studying at the art academy in Maastricht. Then I got really fascinated by goldsmithing and I was eager to learn it to do it myself. "

Danielle Vroemen - Dutch Jewellery designer

2. The brand identity of DV Jewellery its clean and neat geometric design with a futuristic feel. What draw you to the geometric design when the brand was first created?

'" During my graduation I was focusing on symbols used in Christianity and Islam. And from there I discovered that in Islamic art they were not allowed to use any nature of human shapes, and that's why they used geometrical pattern to express they're art. I became totally fascinated by the geometrical pattern, and from there I discovered the "Platonic Solids" five mathematical shapes discovered by Plato and this was the inspiration for my first collection GEOM, which I created in 2009 and launched beginning 2010. And geometry remained my source of inspiration."


3. When you were

sketching/creating the designs for the latest collection 'GABARIT' , where were the influences and inspirations from?

"This collection is still geometrical inspired but I wanted to create pieces that were more refined and playful and suitable for combining and stacking. Also I'm quite inspired by the French 'Je ne sais quoi' style and I wanted these pieces also have  this vibe."

'GABARIT' Silver Necklace (GN6) £115

4. We know that each piece of DV jewellery is individually handmade by yourself in your studio, what is the most challenging and difficult part in the making process? 

daniellevroemen-dv-jewellery-studio-behind-the-sense-copy.jpg"To finish the pieces perfectly is I think the most challenging. It makes the jewellery."

5. Do DV jewellery's customers / fans have a particular fashion or clothing style? (who do you imagine wearing your jewellery?)

"Most customers are creative people who love the minimalistic style, and who seek for something different to enhance their unique style. I love to see my jewels on creative confident women who dare to be themselves and have their own style, and not just follow any trend."

photo. DV Jewellery was featured at DRAFTspace COMPLETE PARTS NYC in July.

'GABARIT' Sterling Silver Earrings (GE6)

6. What's your future plans for DV jewellery?

"To keep expanding my brand, and also explore the market more in the UK and Scandinavia."

7. What makes you happiest about being a jewellery designer?

Expressing my own creativity, creating pieces by hand in my own studio, and be able to travel for work.

GABARIT Silver Bangle

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