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Five most commonly asked questions about wedding accessories

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I was recently asked by Scottish Wedding Directory Magazine to write an article about choosing wedding accessories and answering some of the most common questions brides usually ask. These are some seriously good questions and need to be answered in details. If you 're also looking for wedding accessory at the moment, read this article and I'm sure you will learn something new!

  • 1.Why is it important to consider your overall bridal look – dress etc. – when choosing a headpiece/hairband?

When you start looking for wedding headpieces, you should be prepared to be overwhelmed by the amount of different designs and styles.

Keeping a clear idea of the overall look you’re trying to create will help you to narrow down the hunt and save time.

For example, if you’ve picked a very flowing wedding dress with gold threaded trim and embellishment and an iconic 20s Bob hairstyle, what would pop into your mind next? Elsa’s pointed, shiny tiara in Frozen? I guess not. How about an art deco diamante side hair comb or a flapper forehead piece? I would say yes, that’s a good start!

Of course, it isn’t always that simple, but you can see that the answer isn’t too far away if you have a clear picture of your overall look in mind.

  • 2.Why is it important for your hairband/headpiece to complement the shade of your dress?

Although the traditional wedding dress is ivory white, I have also noticed a trend towards champagne gold, blush pink, grey, black and blue.

Making sure that your hair accessories complement or match the shape of your dress is important. The headpiece is the final detail and it must work with the dress. A wisely chosen headpiece will complement the dress details and highlight the shade of the dress.

Most headpieces are still designed with the traditional white and ivory colour in mind. However, headpieces with a soft gold tone are now back in style and have become popular choices for ‘gold’ brides.

I often find blush pink a rather tricky colour to match (although admittedly a very nice colour!). Consider headpieces in rose gold, embellished with freshwater pearls to start with, or lifelike hair flowers. They usually work beautifully with blush pink.

3.A bridal headpiece can look completely different depending on where it is positioned on your head. Can you tell me how wearing it on forehead/further forward compares to wearing it at the back of the head and why?

Hair accessories like combs, pins, and vines can be very versatile and positioned differently during the day to create different looks. Generally speaking, wearing headpieces further forward creates a more dramatic and theatrical look.

Wearing headpieces at the back creates a more classic, elegant and understated image. However, the final look depends on how everything works together: the headpiece, hairstyle, dress, makeup and even the bride’s personality.

4. Is it important to have an idea of what your hair will be like on the wedding day before you choose your headpiece/hairband, and why?

Yes, if you have an idea how you will have your hair on the day, it certainly helps you to select your hair accessories, even if it’s just a vague idea like ‘I will have my hair up or I’ll keep my hair down’.

The reason is simple. Certain hair accessories like hair combs or pins work perfectly with hair up but can be tricky to keep secure if you have your hair down. A headband is usually considered a safe choice to go with different hairstyles but it’s not as versatile as hair combs, hair vines and pins as far as positioning is concerned.

So, knowing a bit about what you want to do with your hair is important for choosing your headpiece. However, you don’t have to wait until you have all the details. If you can simply answer the following questions then you’re on the way to finding your hair accessories.

  • 1.Are you having your hair up or down, or half up half down?
  • 2.If down, will it be straight, wavy, or braided?
  • 3.If up, will it be loose or smooth?

5. Finally, what advice do you personally give to brides when they come to you with no idea of what to pick for their wedding?

1. save the dates

I always tell brides who have just started creating their dream wedding that there are two dates that they should keep in mind when it comes to choosing hair accessories and jewellery: the second fitting day and the hair trial.

It’s really helpful if you already have the headpiece and jewellery before these dates and take them to your appointment. These are two invaluable opportunities to test your personal styling theory and put the previous guesswork into practice, so make the most of them.

2. photos on your phone

It’s extremely helpful to keep a couple of photos of your wedding dress on your phone. If you have a photo or two of the hairstyle you have in mind that’s even better. It gives us a better idea of your style and the look you’re trying to create. If you’ve already done so, you should give yourself a pat on the back! Once you start your wedding shopping, you will find the photos very useful.

3. do a bit of homework

Before your first visit to us, have a look on our website and make a note of the pieces that really catch your eye. Think about the overall look you’re trying to create and check our events page to see if there are any upcoming events that might help. Our twice yearly bridal open days, where we offer free hair and make-up trials, are tailored to brides who have got their dress but haven’t chosen their wedding accessories.

4. Try plenty on. 

Don't be afraid of trying on too many. Once you've tried on enough, you will know what style you like and what is definitely a 'NO'

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